Caleb Stone Augments Reality on “Ginger”

Detroit-based producer and visual artist Caleb Stone is highly revered across many different circles of musicians. Whether he’s flipping tracks by iLoveMakonnen or producing chiller records for Kilo Kish, you can expect to hear something refreshing and extraordinary every time.

Ginger is actually Stone’s first solo album, arriving in the wake of great anticipation. Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, the ten-track collection is simply brimming with action. The album is also very collaborative, including features from Stacks//Culture, Jonah Baseball, Unkle Funkle, Satomi, Monochrome Sweatsuit, and Stone’s own Dream Panther.

Most notably, for an instrumental electronic album, Ginger succeeds in seizing the listener’s attention and pulling them into its own hazy plane of existence. Delicate soundscapes are often splintered by skittering beats, offering that disorienting yet curious quality heard throughout much of Stone’s catalog. It might be relatively abstract for some, but the satisfying textures and rhythms heard here are universal. Above all else, Stone is a producer with great character in his work.

If the music doesn’t speak for itself, try out this interactive computer game accompanying the album. No spoilers beyond NSFW.

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