Sam Austins x Take A Daytrip [FIJI]

Take a Daytrip is a DJ/Producer duo based in NYC. They’ve worked with Raury, Pell, The Skins, Chaz French, IshDARR, 6LACK, Nessly, and composed an original score for Grand Theft Auto. Their tiny studio in Soho has become a hotbed for creativity and gateway for up-and-coming artists, producers, DJs, photographers, and creatives living in or passing through NY. Sam Austins is a young up-and-coming rapper from Detroit who happens to be one of those artists Take a Daytrip met while he passed through NY. They met through mutual friend Treez Lowkey after Sam did a show with Treez and Playboi Carti in Detroit, and immediately vibed. Sam made waves in Detroit when he dropped his GOAT EP 2.5 years ago as an 18-year old soundcloud rapper. Since then he’s been working on his follow-up solo work, which starts with the release of Fiji and will continue on through 2017 with ongoing singles’ releases.


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