Flint Eastwood and Tunde Olaniran Join Forces on “Push”

Flint Eastwood‘s global pop conquest continues. After sharing the mighty “Queen” just a couple months ago and sharing a seriously intense music video to accompany the single, she returns with another roaring cut from the new EP. “Push” is, in many ways, a culmination of everything Flint Eastwood—a vocal performance equally fiery and exhilarating, and a powerful call to action by example: “Push it with all I got.”

When Tunde Olaniran hops on following that second verse, all bets are off. Olaniran’s mere presence magnifies the energy on this track exponentially, underscoring the refrain with his glorious vocals. This song is undeniably the most heavy pop offering from both artists, a weight that other artists may struggle to bear, yet Eastwood and Olaniran easily own it.

Broke Royalty arrives on April 14th via Neon Gold Records. Flint Eastwood plays her release show the same day at the Fisher Building Lobby, joined by Tunde Olaniran, Michigander, and S¥BL¥NG. Find all of the specifics on the official event page.

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