Mango Lane release self-titled EP, debut music at Loving Touch

Groovy Detroit group Mango Lane have been creating music together since 2015, and their newest self-titled release shows just how well their chemistry flows along with their chill yet totally dance-able sound.

Mango Lane is comprised of Austin Carpenter and Jack Engwall, best friends who do all of the songwriting and recording. Mango Lane finally formed in 2015 after years of playing music together in various other projects.

“We played different instruments and far different genres throughout the years until we reached this project [Mango Lane]. Then we realized this was the sound and vibe we were trying to find the whole time, so it feels good to have something we know we want to stick with,” Carpenter said.

Ian Ruhala (of HALA) and Anthony Spak (of Greet Death) are touring members of the band.

Photo by Bryan Iglesias

Mango Lane perform at their album release show at The Loving Touch on June 16. Photo by Bryan Iglesias

The band’s previous two releases, Liquid LOVE and TV Feelings, were released in Jan. 2016 and June 2016, respectively. The new record, perfected over the course of a year, was a much lengthier production than the previous two.

“This is the longest we’ve ever spent writing an album,” says Carpenter. “Over that period, we found inspiration from many artists and genres – old pop music, jazz (mostly Bossa nova), and hip hop. We aren’t really taking any ideas as far as sound from those artists, but taking the emotion it gives from listening and making it our own.”

Cool, sweet, and chill as hell, Mango Lane’s latest release is not only musically very fresh, but their lyrics are also relatable and positive for almost any listener – for example, in the song “City”, Carpenter sings “So we need to find the time to help each other // maybe we’ll understand and love one another”. In another tune, “Sex”, Engwall sings “It’s okay to speak your mind // it’s okay to be honest”.

Jack Ingwall performs with Mango Lane at The Loving Touch on June 16. Photo by Bryan Iglesias

Jack Ingwall performs with Mango Lane at The Loving Touch on June 16. Photo by Bryan Iglesias

Mango Lane debuted their fresh tunes on Friday, June 16 at a free show at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, to the excitement of fans. They were joined by Ian Ruhala playing solo as well as with Mango Lane, alternative rock band Montclair, and a DJ set by The Dropout.

“There was an amazing crowd. Everyone was dancing and grooving, and it was such a pleasure to get to meet people who support you and enjoy the music you make,” Carpenter said. “It was great to see everyone digging the new tunes, because we played the new album in its entirety.”

Mango Lane’s new LP can be found on SpotifySoundcloud and Bandcamp.

“We just want to spread positivity, and make people dance,” Carpenter said.

Mango Lane’s new music is sweet, fresh, and something people shouldn’t miss out on – kind of like an actual mango.


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