“ORIGIN” by SIAS Out Now

Detroit trio SIAS describe themselves as an “alternative-world” group. Rather than confining themselves to pop, rock, electronic, or any other umbrella genre, SIAS rules out any potential expectations with their debut on ORIGIN.

The band focuses on themes of global exploration on the record, both lyrically and sonically. Their penchant for adventure is expressed with a variety of world instrumentation, such as West African percussion and the Slovakian fujara flute on “Oceans of Time.” SIAS blends this together with trap structures and pop melodies for a standout track that travels full circle across planet Earth. Further on “Element,” uncertainty turns into euphoria when a full-blown techno beat erupts out of a sullen ballad. These tracks are all so distinctive, complete with individual single artwork to visualize their spirits.

But what SIAS pulls off most spectacularly here is their level of confidence for such a fledgling band. They play songs about realizing self-potential, and essentially live it out through this solid body of work. Citing Coldplay, Jack Johnson and Imagine Dragons as influences, SIAS manages to employ the most cinematic elements of these acts to forge arena-ready music so early into their career.

Independently written, recorded and produced by SIAS, ORIGIN is out now. Available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.


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