(Sunday Songs) Nydge – “We Are Now” (ft. Joe Hertler)

We started our Sunday Songs release series this week. Every Sunday this summer expect an original song from Assemble Sound. There are three requirements for every release:

  1. Song has to be written/recorded at the Assemble Sound church
  2. Song has to be touched by more than one Artist
  3. Song has to go through the Assemble Sound peer review process where it is critiqued, updated, and ok’d for release by a cohort of artists

Photo by GOOD PALS.

Song 1 comes via NYDGE, who is usually 1/2 of Detroit electro-rock duo Nigel and the Dropout. NYDGE brought fellow Detroit artist Joe Hertler of Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers through the studio late one Friday night this winter. The two had played shows together but never written together. Jax Anderson (aka Flint Eastwood) was at the studio that night as well, and the three of them decided to start a writing session on the spot. Hertler contributed a sketch of the track you hear above, a sketch he had back burnered months before after getting stuck on it. NYDGE picked up it up and took over the production process, and Jax and Hertler revamped all the writing and arrangement. The result was a beautifully collaborative effort that really doesn’t fit any of their respective projects (Nigel & The Dropout, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, or Flint Eastwood), but was clearly worthy of release. Because the track was so definitively the production of NYDGE (Nigel Van Hemmye), they decided to use the song to launch NYDGE’s producer catalog, a catalog that will undoubtedly grow quickly as he works with more and more artists at Assemble Sound. Nydge posted the following note with the track:

“Assemble has been one of the biggest turning points of my musical upbringing. As a producer, I’ve often felt isolated to a very small portion of not only talent, but human connection. This year’s lesson for me has been about the importance of Community to mental, physical, social and spiritual health.”

We’re obviously with it.

The song was mastered at Assemble Sound by resident Jon Zott after going through a peer review process where it was critiqued by 15 residents and some guest artists.

Look for more work from Nydge, as well as Nigel & The Dropout, in the near future.

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